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The Story
This is really about a New Year’s Resolution that became far more than I had originally anticipated. The original resolution was to use my Keep Cup for the rest of the year. I vowed to never use a take-out cup again. I was going to save the world from the by-products of my regular coffee fix. However, I confess that three drinks into the New Year, I ordered a coffee before realising that I was already about to break my resolution… We live and learn.

Then at some point I felt that there was more to do than just use a Keep Cup. I really, really wanted to cut down on house waste. One day, a friend shared this photo – ‘nine tips living with less plastic’. But these are for the most part, already established habits and I wanted to take things a step further. The aim became to create the next nine easy steps to live with less plastic. I wanted to make them as easy and accessible as possible. Nine came and went, because the response was overwhelming and challenging. The response called for this blog to be made, so I ask that you use this wisely.

I have learnt that it is all just so easy. All it takes is making time to care. And then you realise that close friends and family also really care about saying #notoplastic.

I will continue to post the journey of my resolution for as long as it seems fit, exploring options to reduce, reuse, refill or recycle plastic. Please share as much as you can and wish. Please continue to encourage, for it is because of many of you that it has come this far. And please ask away, because your questions have challenged me to think outside the box.

*Word of warning* This blog is at some point likely to highlight issues beyond those of cutting back on plastic. Watch this space for other inspirational, noteworthy topics. My promise is to make it all as easy as possible to support.