Ideas πŸ’‘Β 

I’m trying to find ways to help all of you to be equipped in your houses and cut back on waste and plastic rubbish… who wants my help?! Tell me what you would like from me-no idea too big or too small. I welcome them all 😊 Please comment below. 


5 thoughts on “Ideas πŸ’‘Β 

  1. There is a company called surthrival, which makes 100% compostable toothbrushes (including the bristles!). I highly recommend them for your journey to zero waste. The best part-the packaging isnt plastic.


  2. I would love to see articles about care and maintenance of plastic alternatives. For example, those cloth sandwich bags look adorable, but how do you clean them? What happens when all the cracks are full of crumbs?


    1. I find that turning them inside out and scrubbing like anything else helps, as does putting some soap and water into the bag and sealing it with air still in there and just swishing it around can get them pretty clean.

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  3. Hello Jessica! I just discovered your blog and let me just say I’m in love with the layout! so engaging yet minimal. I’m looking to blog my less trash/less plastic journey too and i have been inspired by your blog! Thank you! I most certainly want your help so keep sharing! I wish you all the best in your endeavors

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