Lush Greenhub

I have had the wonderful honour of being in contact with Lush and trying to learn more about their steps towards becoming greener and reducing plastic waste. Apologies for so many posts based around Lush. I wasn’t such a huge fan of them before the beginning of the year, but I have learnt such a great deal about them, that my respect for them have shot through the roof. 

I have briefly covered their closed-loop-recycling efforts before, but take a moment to hear about it from their representatives. Thank you Lush for taking time to respond to me. Myself and many followers are grateful to learn more and encouraged to hear that you care about plastic pollution. 
Purging Plastics at the Lush Greenhub

By Suzy Hill, Lush Earth Care 

Plastic is one of the most commonly used materials in the modern world. It’s cheap, light and durable, but it has no place in nature. It doesn’t biodegrade and so as a consequence has entered the food chain. 

Seeing plastic as disposable is an environmental issue that we face globally. Vast numbers of people and businesses fail to see the value of this versatile material, and instead send it to landfill with barely a second thought. When plastic is valued and recycled it can be used in exceedingly positive ways. Re-utilising plastic tubs when we shop for naked goods, and having a reusable coffee cup are only a few examples of how this can be done. Lush’s black pots are made from PP plastic, (polypropylene): a clean and light material that can be easily recycled. It’s used because we can ‘close loop’ it – haven’t heard of ‘closed loop’ recycling before? This is a method of collecting a certain waste stream (in our case this is the black Lush pots) and recycling it back into the same item. Lush have a building aptly named ‘The Greenhub’ where we process our black pots for closed loop recycling; its purpose is to take back the responsibility of the packaging from our customers. It’s one of the most effective ways that we cut down on our demand for plastic, whilst still being able to take advantage of its useful properties. 

The result is always positive when cutting down on single-use of plastics, and refusing them is the first step! Why not take a water bottle or reusable coffee cup out and about so that you needn’t take any disposables that are offered to you? Small changes like this evolve into big differences, and so taking the first step is already hugely impactful!

You can learn more about Lush UK’s recycling efforts in this article:


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