The Filter Cup

 Juggling work, crossfit, church and home life, can very often catch me out. I forget my keep-cup before deciding I want to grab a coffee somewhere. So I have two cups now, one will be kept in the car πŸš—, the other at home 🏑. This new one is by far my favourite-the filter keep-cup, made of glass with a recycled cork sleeve. (Cup, plug and lid recyclable at end of life). I highly recommend a glass cup since it doesn’t retain any taste or smell from previous beverages. And can also withstand a bit of tumbling in hand bags. Alternatively, JocoCup are also glass and fantastic. Ecoffee are highly rated and made from sustainable bamboo. An interesting brand I’ve not tried… The Rice Way Travel Mug-supposedly biodegradable at the end of the day! So if you’re like me, and don’t want to be caught out in your hour of need but guilty just thinking about using a take-out cup, buy two and keep them in convenient places πŸš™ 🏑 


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